When something down means something’s up.

Erectile dysfunction is extremely common among middle-aged men. While ED carries with it many psycho-emotional concomitants that fill volumes, the condition has become well known to be the proverbial canary in the coal mine when it comes to other more serious health conditions.

You may have taken note of the introduction to commercials for drugs that portend to “cure” erectile dysfunction (ED) proclaiming it may be a problem with blood flow. For those circumstances not related to psychological issues such as anger and/or resentment towards the person you intend to have sex with, it is absolutely a matter of blood perfusion in almost every case. Any pathology that affects the arteries and results in inflammation, plaque formation, and rigidity in the vessels will manifest itself early on in the tiniest, most fragile arteries in the human body.

These are found in the peripheral tissues such as the hands, feet, intestines, brain, and penis. “It may be a matter of blood flow” is a completely true statement. And if this is the case, taking a pill that will boost nitric oxide production is a patch, not a cure. The reality is, if your smallest vessels are compromised by occlusion due to atheroma (plaque build up) then your least concern should be whether or not you “can get it up”.

There is good news, however. Studies over the past 17 years show that the propensity to develop a “stunned” artery system is a consequence of a reduced ability to produce nitric oxide at the level of the arterial artery wall. This is in many cases a genetic issue, but thankfully you can overcome this propensity by supplementing key factors involved in nitric oxide production.

No prescription required.
Studies show that the intake of nitric oxide precursors will massively increase the nitric oxide production capacity of the body. Dietary nitrates from beets, kale, spinach and other vegetables, along with polyphenols from pomegranates, cocoa, and hawthorne, and citrulline from foods such as watermelon rind are the absolute best sources of these precursors.

The intake of the aforementioned nutrients will enhance the body’s ability to produce nitric oxide and thereby increase the dilation of even the tiniest vessels, including those that supply the penis. Most people when supplying the body with these key ingredients will report positive changes in memory, concentration, libido, and yes, the ultimate ability to achieve and sustain an erection.

Because the body is actually undergoing physiological changes as a consequence of enhanced nitric oxide production, the results will most often be seen over a period of time such as 4-8 weeks. This may be seen as a downside when compared to the instant effect the prescription drugs can achieve, but this is the reason for the lengthy warning related to side effects. You may have noticed the commercials’ warning of an unsafe drop in blood pressure. This is due to the fact that nitric oxide is ramped up extremely quickly, causing the arteries to dilate dramatically, thereby lowering the pressure in the circulatory system quite suddenly and significantly. This sudden drop puts tremendous stress on the heart, which often results in an ominous outcome.

The commercials, if accurate, should stipulate that yes, erectile dysfunction is a matter of blood flow. Realize that this decreased blood flow is a consequence of the massive deficiency of essential nutrients that are no longer a part of the average American’s diet. And the reality is, the average person is gong to have to massively change their diet or take a pill to compensate.

Thoughtful Middle Aged Man

The only question is: are you, if you suffer from ED, going to take a drug to compensate for your average American dietary pattern and lifestyle? Or are you going to simply fulfill the requirement for the nutrients your body needs to sustain the level of health that is your birthright? Citrulline, pomegranate, Hawthorne, cocoa, etc. Take a pill or change your diet. If taking a pill, is it natural or is it a drug? Do you have a Viagra deficiency? Risk the side effects or reverse the process of atherosclerosis. The choice is, as always, yours.

Fortunately, there are great products on the market that will supply you with the necessary nutrients in pill form and not require you to do anything more than swallow. The best product this reviewer found is Nitroxyl. One glance at the ingredient list will astound the well informed. The formula contains every single extract and nutrient that can be even loosely connected with nitric oxide production and provides it at a price that is virtually impossible. The company that manufactures Nitroxyl purports to be in the business of furthering the endeavor of those seeking greater health and providing the opportunity to do so at minimal cost. This reviewer only hopes that they can continue to do so at the behest of those of us not holding degrees or being politically connected to those who do.

Look at the evidence behind each and every ingredient of Nitroxyl. Then pray, cross your fingers, touch wood, and add any other mechanism of wishfulness that this company and this product can survive so that we may do the same